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Ten Tips for Speaking in Public on Health

There is no denying that health matters. In the political sphere, the two most important issues to the public are always education and health. Health has become a trendier topic over the last couple of decades; witness the proliferation of health magazines on the racks. People are living longer and they want to look and feel better for as long as possible. Therefore, with all that buzz about health, why would you not want to speak in public on health? Here are ten tips for speaking in public on health.

Number One Tip for Health Oratory

Look healthy. Don’t go on stage in front of an audience to talk about health and look like death. Polish your diamond before showing it to prospective buyers and fans. Beg, borrow or steal some fresh-looking style before banging on about health. I always remember being in the audience for a lecture by a famous nutritionist and I could not get over how unhealthy she looked. Secondly, don’t just quote a lot of statistics. Sure, include plenty of data, but balance it with human interest stories. Anecdotes and personal revelations are what audiences love. Touch their hearts, as well as their brains. Thirdly, drink plenty of H2O; walk the talk when it comes to healthy living.

Serious Topics Demand Light & Shade

Smile often, because when sharing information about such a serious topic it demands some light and shade. Contrast is the key to engaging and maintaining the interest of your audience. Frequently asked questions will include talk about pregnancy, as this is when women think about health with greater intensity. So, prepare material pertaining to healthy children and having babies. Next, pace yourself throughout your performance and keep something in reserve in case there are no questions at the end.

Health is about Life

This tip for speaking in public on health comes from the heart. Health is about life and you can’t have life without death. Always be aware of the other side of things. Do not be afraid to make eye contact with members of the audience; it keeps it real. Offer solutions to problems, rather than just compiling lists of negatives. People want to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Lastly, if you are using audio/ visual aids don’t stuff them up. More presentations are ruined by poorly performing devices than anything else in this business.

Best Business Speakers Of 2017

The business speaker roster boasts a wealth of inspiring and entertaining motivators. Individuals who are paid to light up the stage with their presence and oratory skills. Storytellers who share the highs and lows of careers in a variety of industries and communities. Some may be famous sportspeople, politicians, celebrities and leaders in their fields, but they all have something worthwhile to say; well, hopefully, anyway. Who were the best business speakers of 2017? Steve Farber, author of 3 best-selling books on radical leadership, told his audiences of business people that love is not just a four-letter word. Steve stresses that love needs to be recognised and nurtured in the corporate realm and has for too long been studiously ignored by business leaders.

Best Business Speakers in the World

Marc Randolph is a founder and former CEO of Netflix; and a pioneer of many other successful startups. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur with 40 years’ experience, he draws upon a rich career in one of the most exciting business realms in the world. Marc walks the talk that many of us have only dreamt about. Barbara Corcoran is a self-made real estate giant, and has featured as a regular panellist on the ABC’s Shark Tank. High energy and full of frank insights about the keys to business success in the modern age.

Magic Johnson has Stories to Tell!

Starting a business is a time of creativity, mixed with high risk situations, and Rita McGrath understands business theory as it applies in the real world. An academic with expertise on business strategies and innovation, who solves problems for businesses every day. Another exciting and inspirational keynote speaker rocking the aisles in 2017 is former star basketball player Magic Johnson. Magic has scored on multiple courts, with property developments in oft neglected neighbourhoods, a HIV education leadership role, and success in the franchise sector. He remains an investor in his beloved LA Lakers, and, also, in the LA Dodger baseball team. Talk about stories to tell!

More Stories to Tell in 2017

Another best business speaker in 2017 was, Matthew Lunn, one of the original Pixar story creators. A college drop-out who pursued his love of storytelling at Pixar. Jeff Degraff is known as the ‘Dean of Innovation’; he speaks on the importance of innovation in the twenty first century business world. A Professor of Management and Organisation at the University of Michigan, he has developed a world first laboratory for innovation. There are more ticks here than any double cross, when it comes to dynamic business speakers lighting up the stage.

Betting on Sports: 2017’s Biggest Gambling Conference

Actually, they like to refer to it as ‘Gaming’ and ‘Sports Betting’; the industry refrains from using the term ‘gambling’ where possible. I suppose that is because all the anti-gambling forces wield that ‘G’ word around like a poison chalice. Betting on Sports 2017 was held in London in September; spring into action, what old chap. This large conference is a chance for the players within the gaming sector to exchange tips and information pertaining to their slice of the pie. The event saw around 60 exhibitors, and 160 speakers over 3 days, presenting on Racing, Basketball, Esports, Ice Hockey, Darts, Tennis, Golf and everything else that you can bet on in the twenty first century.

Betting on Sports: 2017’s Biggest Gambling Conference

Not a lot of women present in the images of last year’s event, which I was privy to. Gambling, gaming, the punt, whatever you want to call it, does not attract the ladies, apart from dressing up and the hats. It seems, men prefer to play games and bet on the outcome much more than women. I wonder why that is? Things like form and percentages, perchance, do not strike the ladies as very interesting. Blokes are far more the dreamers, the grafters, those willing to take a punt on the odds. Those of the fairer sex, perhaps, do not believe that you can take a punt for free online?

Women Are Too Busy to Watch Sport

Women are too busy planning for the future, through their manipulations and hard toil, to bother with a flutter. Betting on sports is predicated on watching a lot of sport; and the ladies just don’t have the time or inclination. Many of them would rather spend that time deep in communication, relating to their nearest and dearest. Watching a bunch of stranger on the TV screen, going at it for an hour or two for some red leather doesn’t cut it where they are concerned.

Betting: Something Like an Orgasm?

Sports betting is big business in this era. It is served up every few minutes to remind the target audience about the sweet pleasure of having something on the line. The bittersweet bet dangling in mid-air whilst the result remains unresolved. Dynamic tension, they call it, unresolved tension, which builds to a crescendo, something like an orgasm, I suppose. A financially structured opportunity, which may enliven you or let you down. Gambling has been around since the very beginning, it has always been popular with soldiers, who are risking their lives on a daily basis. Chance and lady luck are spinning airily around them all the time.



Stories from the Confessional of Whores

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

The after dinner circuit is a very lucrative industry. Big names from the business world, politics, sports and entertainment usually dominate the after dinner circuit. However, retired prostitutes, madames, and girls who used to work on live cams have also made several appearances as after dinner speakers. Apparently, stories from the confessional of whores and madames make a good conversation piece during after dinner speeches. 

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

One of the most prominent after dinner speaker who has a background in the sex industry is the late Cynthia Payne. Also known as “Madame Cyn”, Payne was a brothel keeper and a private party hostess. According to the Daily Mail Online, Madame Cyn was put in prison for hosting various sex parties in exchange for luncheon vouchers. Her opinion regarding men, sex, and the flaws and inconsistencies in Britain’s law on prostitution made her more popular. 

During her few after dinner speaking gigs, Madam Cyn shared the odd penchants of his high-end clienteles. For instance, there was a man who finds sexual pleasure from rubbing up an escort’s shoe while she is still on them. Elderly men also frequent her “swinging parties” so that they could dress up, role play and get spanked for misbehaving. 

It also appears that stories from the confessional of whores, the sexual pursuits of escorts and their experiences with the police is an entertaining topic for an after dinner speech. Although prostitutes may not be your typical after dinner speaker, the way they narrate their stories, especially their encounters with prominent public figures, is far more engrossing and riveting than a tabloid headline

With over a decade of industry experience on her pocket, Kellie Moore is a favourite on the after dinner circuit. In one of her speaking events, she shared that she still feels queasy each time she meets her clients. Moore may seem like a professional, high-end escort, but there are days that she feels like quitting her job and moving far away. Moore also detailed how she always carries a pocket knife in her purse not because she fears for her life, but to slash the bondage rope she usually uses on her customers. 

In today’s consumerist society, we judge a person’s worth based on what he/she does. And people usually get the wrong end of the stick about sex workers. Like what Moore often says in her after dinner speaking engagements, what we do does not make up what we are. We are who we are. What we do is a minor component of what we are.

Rich & Famous After Dinner Speakers

rich & famous after dinner speakers

After dinner speakers are known to entertain when making public speeches. Despite focusing on physical comedy, this kind of public speaking also covers serious and current social issues. In Australia, rich & famous after dinner speakers are in demand, mostly because of their ability to convey wisdom while bringing humor and the ‘wow’ factor at the audience.

Just recently, City A.M. made a profile of former politicians and prominent business figures on how much they make in the after-dinner speaking circuit. Interestingly, their speech fee is twice or thrice their annual salary while they were in position. For instance, Tony Blair’s speaking engagement in the Philippines back in 2012 costs £400,000. No wonder that the former Prime Minister has top of the line kitchen cabinets in his mansion, more info here.

Rich & Famous After Dinner Speakers

There are a lot of excellent after dinner speakers in Australia. Some of these rich & famous after dinner speakers are in the world of media, business, entertainment, sports and of course, politics. Let’s get to know some of them:

  • James O’Loghlin

Some of you may know James O’Loghlin for his role in The New Inventors. Notorious for his witty, but insightful remarks, O’Loghlin is among the most sought after dinner speakers in the country. He has the knack in telling funny stories that are full of lessons, and in maintaining a discussion entertaining, lively and on topic. Moreover, O’Loghlin’s keynote speeches usually revolves around innovation, as it is his interest and passion. According to Ovations, O’Loghlin’s speaking rate ranges from $5,000 – $10,000.

  • Jeffrey Kennett

Jeffrey Kennett is well-known in the country’s political scene. He served as the Premier of Victoria and became a Member of the Victorian Parliament for two decades. Aside from his established political career, his influence spans in the country’s corporate world as he chairs several organizations. Kennett is a favourite for giving visionary and inspiring speeches. There is something about him that engages and captivates his audience. According to Crikey, you can hear Kennett talks about the government and social issues for $20,000 – $25,000.

  • Peter Costello

Peter Costello is the former Treasurer of Australia. His tenure started from 1996 to 2007 during the Howard Government. Costello also became a Member of the Australian House of Representatives and served as the Deputy Leader of a political party. Right now, he is a recognised boutique financial advisor, chairing some of the country’s financial institutions. Some of his presentations revolve on ethical leadership and social issues. As per Crikey, Costello’s speaking rate ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

Oral Transmissions: Entertaining Communication

Oral Transmissions: Entertaining Communication

Without a doubt, after dinner speaking has become a lucrative gig, especially to those who can convey the wit and wisdom in an entertaining manner. Famous speakers can rack up tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night. Some even get paid millions of dollars for delivering interesting speaking tours.

After dinner speeches have two objectives: to entertain the audience and to bring them around over certain beliefs or behaviours. But did you know that this genre of public address has been around for quite some time?

Oral Transmissions: Entertaining Communication

Based on Stephen E. Lucas’ book “The Art of Public Speaking”, after dinner speaking can be traced back as early as the 19th century. As a matter of fact, the world’s first documented after dinner speech was delivered by Sir Arthur Sullivan in 1888. In his speech, Sullivan commended Thomas Edison for inventing the phonograph. What’s more interesting is that Sullivan used the phonograph in recording his speech, and was later on employed to promote the phonograph in his after dinner speeches.

This kind of public speaking has its roots from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. During those times, having the oratory skills is needed in the court, in the world of politics, and in socialisation. Having said that, only the educated and the elite were given the “right” to hold public address. More often than not, after dinner speeches were delivered by men, mostly in the home of the host after feasting on sumptuous meals and alcoholic drinks.

Today, after dinner speakers are predominantly men. In addition, the after dinner speech circuit is composed of politicians, prominent business figures, and those in high places. Therefore, the tradition that public speakers during the ancient Greece are only the elite and the educated is still the same thousands of years later.

Even if after dinner speakers cost a lot nowadays, the advantages of having them make up for their speech fees. Before, such public address is used to praise or honor someone, but now, an after dinner speech is meant to inform, influence and elevate the public. Outcomes like these are truly a good return of investment.

Addressing the Need for Transformation

There are two types of corporate managers and CEOs, the one who thinks that how things stand are the way things will stay, and the one who addresses the need for transformation. The latter, when dealing with his staff, does not have a laissez-faire attitude to how his, or her, employees go about their work. This kind of manager respects the need for training and challenging his workers to go beyond their comfort zones. Great things are not achieved by towing the line of mediocrity. Accepting a ‘she’ll be right’ credo, will only get you into second gear on the highway to success.

Addressing the Need for Transformation

Great speakers in corporate and social settings can deliver inspiration. They can get people to listen to them; and to begin to question themselves. For change to happen, someone has to ask the question, “is this good enough?” “Are you content with what you have and who you are?” These pertinent questions stimulate the beginnings of transformation. Corporate speaking and training are vital in the twenty first century; go-getters must be able to eloquently express themselves in all sorts of situations. Making a pitch in sales; communicating a new marketing approach to other departments within a firm; and delivering a corporate strategy to employees – all of these situations require effective communication skills.

Training is the only way most people are going to lift that bar and achieve higher standards across the board. Neglect internal training within your organisation and you are actively encouraging stagnation. The stale corporate environment invites decline. If you are not growing as a business, you are standing still, and, then, very quickly going backwards. Life in the modern business world is moving at incredible speeds; technology is demanding constant change and readaptation. Great managers embrace change on behalf of their employees.

Find cutting edge consultants and corporate trainers, bring them into the business and expose your staff to their ideas and concepts. Be pragmatic at the same time and give your guys time to bed new ideas in. Don’t burn people before their time. Companies are organic entities; and change must have time to penetrate through the holistic network. Introduce new approaches and then stick with them to see if they bear fruit. Training only works if there is a total commitment at all levels of management; a complete buy-in. Running a business can be an exciting, creative act; let your enthusiasm permeate through the company.

After Dinner Speakers: About Disability on the Menu

Disability is an ongoing battle a huge number of individuals are facing. As such, having talks and discussions centered around this topic can help them cope with their problems while at the same time give a better understanding with this particular issue. There has been a growing trend for after dinner speakers to have a disability or to share their experiences about living with a disabled close family member. This in turn helps shed some light to a variety of disabilities found today. Let us look at after dinner speakers and a number of them are taking on the challenge of spreading the much needed information about disabilities.

After Dinner Speakers: About Disability on the Menu

Listeners find it important to have a speaker that they can related with. A person talking about a particular disorder that has little to no experience about them may find it hard to pique the interest of their target audience. On the other hand, those who have first-hand experience with a disability are able to feel more empathy and compassion to their audience. For instance, Mark Colbourne, a former Welsh paralympic-cyclist who competed for both Wales and Great Britain and won Silver and Gold in the London 2012 Paralympic Games makes him a fascinating choice to book as a celebrity after dinner speaker, chronicling his inspirational journey. It is also good to hear that there are speakers advocating for disabled students who are active in the present.

Auditory processing disorder (APD) is considered to be 21C disability with it only becoming more visible and heard of recently in the present day and age. APD is a hearing problem that affects about 5% of school-aged children. This makes it harder for children to process what they hear in the same way other kids do due to the fact that their ears and brain don’t fully coordinate. Knowing more about auditory processing disorder is important especially since there are no cure but instead therapies and treatments to help affected children cope with their condition.

Having a person that experience with APD can bring a reassuring feeling of relief. For instance, Lois Kam Heymann was chosen as the keynote speaker for the 2016 Distinguished Speaker Series workshop. Heymann is a speech-language pathologist who has more than 30 years of experience working with children who have listening, hearing and learning challenges, and their parents. She has presented hundreds of in-service workshops, seminars and conferences on the national and international levels, where she has shared her knowledge and techniques with parent groups, school systems and fellow speech-language pathologists. This in turn allows her to capture not only the attention of their listeners but also their hearts as well.

Attending these seminars can help greatly in helping parents diagnose if their child may have trouble learning which can be linked to APD. Detecting the early signs of the problem can help parents come up with an ideal treatment method as they work hand in hand with their child’s teachers to improve their learning experience. There will be a number of seminars that are not close to your area that you may have trouble attending. It is good to hear however, that a huge number of individuals today are able to attend Webinars about Auditory Processing Problems in Children at the comfort of their homes. Find some webinars that you can attend today!

Speaking Clearly: Tips & Techniques

At some point in our life, we are going to speak in front of other people. May it be discussing the company’s quarterly output or talking in a meeting, the way we present ourselves and speak in public have an impact on how other people see us. This is one of the few reasons why a lot of us are stressing over our oratory skills. Fortunately, there are various ways on how we can get the better of our stage fright. More so, through practice and preparation, one will be able to convey his/her message clearly without mumbling needless words.

Speaking Clearly: Tips & Techniques 

It is very important for us to have good oratory skills. Our eloquence will help deliver the right message without creating confusion. There are a lot of factors to consider when speaking in public. For instance, we should take into account our audience. There will always be people with digital hearing aids in our crowd. Therefore, it is important that we communicate clearly to reach them.

One of the factors why we tend to slur and mumble is because we are nervous. Before going on that platform or in front of everybody, try to calm your nerves. In doing so, you can take a few deep breaths before going on stage. Alternatively, face a mirror and repeatedly say to yourself “I can do this!”.

In improving your diction, practice regularly with tongue twisters. Challenge yourself on how fast you can say those phrases or sentences, but still able to utter them clearly. There are other resources on the Internet for vocal exercises in enhancing your public speaking skills.

Before your big day, make sure that you had enough rest. Get a good night’s sleep so that you will feel good and energized the next morning. Also, drink enough fluids to avoid drying up your mouth. Furthermore, make it a habit that you always prepare and rehearse your speech or lines. A common issue among speakers is that they tend to talk fast when their nerves kick in. In most cases, the audience won’t understand what you are talking about if you talk way too fast. Through practice, you’ll learn to deliver your lines at a normal pace. Lastly, dress to impress. If you look good, you will feel good and confident.

Cam Girl Confessional: Sex Speaks

As the popular adage says, “Opportunity comes when you least expect it”. Working as a cam girl is one of those opportunities.

During my teenage years, I have this notion that being a stripper is a very cool job. I like the fact that one will get paid by poking the sexual imagination of men. While I was browsing forums dedicated to strippers, I came across a thread concerning cam girls. Out of curiosity, I researched online materials about cam girls. I found out that in order to be one, you only need a computer, a webcam and a decent Internet connection. I decided to try it out, hoping that this freelance work will help me get out of my student loans, at the very least.

Cam Girl Confessional: Sex Speaks

During the first few months of working as a cam girl, I never understood why you need aural quality to be good at this job. All I know is that I should engage a lot of users for me to bring in good money. This can be done by trying different personas with matching costumes and sexy lingerie.

I was very nervous the first time I strip down on cam. I did it so quickly that my client got frustrated since I did not build up the sexual tension. Interestingly, some of my clients want to do it the hard way. They want me to portray this hard to get, the next door gal who frequently gets dominated. Most people may think that I do this for the money, which is partially true. But the deeper side of me enjoys exploring my sexuality with other people.

Working as a Cam Girl

I earn as much as $3 per minute of cam whoring. Aside from this, I bring in extra money by creating digital content (e.g. photos and videos). I usually charge at least $5 per minute of tailored video content. But believe me, working on a 5 minute-video takes at least half an hour of video editing. This excludes the time I need in creating the video concept since I also have to consider the technical side of things.

Just like any moving picture, a short erotic clip should employ good sound quality and outstanding visuals. All of the videos I film are shot in ultra-high definition. This makes everything appear crystal clear and look more realistic. The same principle applies when I’m stripping down online. Clients want to see every bit of me, so it is a must that I use good lighting and top of the line cameras and peripherals. After all, they are paying for the experience; so I really have to bring it.