Best Business Speakers Of 2017

The business speaker roster boasts a wealth of inspiring and entertaining motivators. Individuals who are paid to light up the stage with their presence and oratory skills. Storytellers who share the highs and lows of careers in a variety of industries and communities. Some may be famous sportspeople, politicians, celebrities and leaders in their fields, but they all have something worthwhile to say; well, hopefully, anyway. Who were the best business speakers of 2017? Steve Farber, author of 3 best-selling books on radical leadership, told his audiences of business people that love is not just a four-letter word. Steve stresses that love needs to be recognised and nurtured in the corporate realm and has for too long been studiously ignored by business leaders.

Best Business Speakers in the World

Marc Randolph is a founder and former CEO of Netflix; and a pioneer of many other successful startups. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur with 40 years’ experience, he draws upon a rich career in one of the most exciting business realms in the world. Marc walks the talk that many of us have only dreamt about. Barbara Corcoran is a self-made real estate giant, and has featured as a regular panellist on the ABC’s Shark Tank. High energy and full of frank insights about the keys to business success in the modern age.

Magic Johnson has Stories to Tell!

Starting a business is a time of creativity, mixed with high risk situations, and Rita McGrath understands business theory as it applies in the real world. An academic with expertise on business strategies and innovation, who solves problems for businesses every day. Another exciting and inspirational keynote speaker rocking the aisles in 2017 is former star basketball player Magic Johnson. Magic has scored on multiple courts, with property developments in oft neglected neighbourhoods, a HIV education leadership role, and success in the franchise sector. He remains an investor in his beloved LA Lakers, and, also, in the LA Dodger baseball team. Talk about stories to tell!

More Stories to Tell in 2017

Another best business speaker in 2017 was, Matthew Lunn, one of the original Pixar story creators. A college drop-out who pursued his love of storytelling at Pixar. Jeff Degraff is known as the ‘Dean of Innovation’; he speaks on the importance of innovation in the twenty first century business world. A Professor of Management and Organisation at the University of Michigan, he has developed a world first laboratory for innovation. There are more ticks here than any double cross, when it comes to dynamic business speakers lighting up the stage.

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