Betting on Sports: 2017’s Biggest Gambling Conference

Actually, they like to refer to it as ‘Gaming’ and ‘Sports Betting’; the industry refrains from using the term ‘gambling’ where possible. I suppose that is because all the anti-gambling forces wield that ‘G’ word around like a poison chalice. Betting on Sports 2017 was held in London in September; spring into action, what old chap. This large conference is a chance for the players within the gaming sector to exchange tips and information pertaining to their slice of the pie. The event saw around 60 exhibitors, and 160 speakers over 3 days, presenting on Racing, Basketball, Esports, Ice Hockey, Darts, Tennis, Golf and everything else that you can bet on in the twenty first century.

Betting on Sports: 2017’s Biggest Gambling Conference

Not a lot of women present in the images of last year’s event, which I was privy to. Gambling, gaming, the punt, whatever you want to call it, does not attract the ladies, apart from dressing up and the hats. It seems, men prefer to play games and bet on the outcome much more than women. I wonder why that is? Things like form and percentages, perchance, do not strike the ladies as very interesting. Blokes are far more the dreamers, the grafters, those willing to take a punt on the odds. Those of the fairer sex, perhaps, do not believe that you can take a punt for free online?

Women Are Too Busy to Watch Sport

Women are too busy planning for the future, through their manipulations and hard toil, to bother with a flutter. Betting on sports is predicated on watching a lot of sport; and the ladies just don’t have the time or inclination. Many of them would rather spend that time deep in communication, relating to their nearest and dearest. Watching a bunch of stranger on the TV screen, going at it for an hour or two for some red leather doesn’t cut it where they are concerned.

Betting: Something Like an Orgasm?

Sports betting is big business in this era. It is served up every few minutes to remind the target audience about the sweet pleasure of having something on the line. The bittersweet bet dangling in mid-air whilst the result remains unresolved. Dynamic tension, they call it, unresolved tension, which builds to a crescendo, something like an orgasm, I suppose. A financially structured opportunity, which may enliven you or let you down. Gambling has been around since the very beginning, it has always been popular with soldiers, who are risking their lives on a daily basis. Chance and lady luck are spinning airily around them all the time.



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