Cam Girl Confessional: Sex Speaks

As the popular adage says, “Opportunity comes when you least expect it”. Working as a cam girl is one of those opportunities.

During my teenage years, I have this notion that being a stripper is a very cool job. I like the fact that one will get paid by poking the sexual imagination of men. While I was browsing forums dedicated to strippers, I came across a thread concerning cam girls. Out of curiosity, I researched online materials about cam girls. I found out that in order to be one, you only need a computer, a webcam and a decent Internet connection. I decided to try it out, hoping that this freelance work will help me get out of my student loans, at the very least.

Cam Girl Confessional: Sex Speaks

During the first few months of working as a cam girl, I never understood why you need aural quality to be good at this job. All I know is that I should engage a lot of users for me to bring in good money. This can be done by trying different personas with matching costumes and sexy lingerie.

I was very nervous the first time I strip down on cam. I did it so quickly that my client got frustrated since I did not build up the sexual tension. Interestingly, some of my clients want to do it the hard way. They want me to portray this hard to get, the next door gal who frequently gets dominated. Most people may think that I do this for the money, which is partially true. But the deeper side of me enjoys exploring my sexuality with other people.

Working as a Cam Girl

I earn as much as $3 per minute of cam whoring. Aside from this, I bring in extra money by creating digital content (e.g. photos and videos). I usually charge at least $5 per minute of tailored video content. But believe me, working on a 5 minute-video takes at least half an hour of video editing. This excludes the time I need in creating the video concept since I also have to consider the technical side of things.

Just like any moving picture, a short erotic clip should employ good sound quality and outstanding visuals. All of the videos I film are shot in ultra-high definition. This makes everything appear crystal clear and look more realistic. The same principle applies when I’m stripping down online. Clients want to see every bit of me, so it is a must that I use good lighting and top of the line cameras and peripherals. After all, they are paying for the experience; so I really have to bring it.

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