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Best Business Speakers Of 2017

The business speaker roster boasts a wealth of inspiring and entertaining motivators. Individuals who are paid to light up the stage with their presence and oratory skills. Storytellers who share the highs and lows of careers in a variety of industries and communities. Some may be famous sportspeople, politicians, celebrities and leaders in their fields, […]

Betting on Sports: 2017’s Biggest Gambling Conference

Actually, they like to refer to it as ‘Gaming’ and ‘Sports Betting’; the industry refrains from using the term ‘gambling’ where possible. I suppose that is because all the anti-gambling forces wield that ‘G’ word around like a poison chalice. Betting on Sports 2017 was held in London in September; spring into action, what old […]

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

The after dinner circuit is a very lucrative industry. Big names from the business world, politics, sports and entertainment usually dominate the after dinner circuit. However, retired prostitutes, madames, and girls who used to work on live cams have also made several appearances as after dinner speakers. Apparently, stories from the confessional of whores and […]

Rich & Famous After Dinner Speakers

rich & famous after dinner speakers

After dinner speakers are known to entertain when making public speeches. Despite focusing on physical comedy, this kind of public speaking also covers serious and current social issues. In Australia, rich & famous after dinner speakers are in demand, mostly because of their ability to convey wisdom while bringing humor and the ‘wow’ factor at […]

Oral Transmissions: Entertaining Communication

Without a doubt, after dinner speaking has become a lucrative gig, especially to those who can convey the wit and wisdom in an entertaining manner. Famous speakers can rack up tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one night. Some even get paid millions of dollars for delivering interesting speaking tours. After dinner […]

Addressing the Need for Transformation

There are two types of corporate managers and CEOs, the one who thinks that how things stand are the way things will stay, and the one who addresses the need for transformation. The latter, when dealing with his staff, does not have a laissez-faire attitude to how his, or her, employees go about their work. […]

Speaking Clearly: Tips & Techniques

At some point in our life, we are going to speak in front of other people. May it be discussing the company’s quarterly output or talking in a meeting, the way we present ourselves and speak in public have an impact on how other people see us. This is one of the few reasons why […]

Cam Girl Confessional: Sex Speaks

As the popular adage says, “Opportunity comes when you least expect it”. Working as a cam girl is one of those opportunities. During my teenage years, I have this notion that being a stripper is a very cool job. I like the fact that one will get paid by poking the sexual imagination of men. […]

Speaker Merchandising: Money to Be Made

Standing up in front of an audience can be daunting enough in itself, which is why we have training organisations like Toastmasters. Learning to hold an audience’s attention for the length of your presentation is a prerequisite to success in this field. Of course, many after dinner speakers come to the field on the back […]