Stories from the Confessional of Whores

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

The after dinner circuit is a very lucrative industry. Big names from the business world, politics, sports and entertainment usually dominate the after dinner circuit. However, retired prostitutes, madames, and girls who used to work on live cams have also made several appearances as after dinner speakers. Apparently, stories from the confessional of whores and madames make a good conversation piece during after dinner speeches. 

Stories from the Confessional of Whores

One of the most prominent after dinner speaker who has a background in the sex industry is the late Cynthia Payne. Also known as “Madame Cyn”, Payne was a brothel keeper and a private party hostess. According to the Daily Mail Online, Madame Cyn was put in prison for hosting various sex parties in exchange for luncheon vouchers. Her opinion regarding men, sex, and the flaws and inconsistencies in Britain’s law on prostitution made her more popular. 

During her few after dinner speaking gigs, Madam Cyn shared the odd penchants of his high-end clienteles. For instance, there was a man who finds sexual pleasure from rubbing up an escort’s shoe while she is still on them. Elderly men also frequent her “swinging parties” so that they could dress up, role play and get spanked for misbehaving. 

It also appears that stories from the confessional of whores, the sexual pursuits of escorts and their experiences with the police is an entertaining topic for an after dinner speech. Although prostitutes may not be your typical after dinner speaker, the way they narrate their stories, especially their encounters with prominent public figures, is far more engrossing and riveting than a tabloid headline

With over a decade of industry experience on her pocket, Kellie Moore is a favourite on the after dinner circuit. In one of her speaking events, she shared that she still feels queasy each time she meets her clients. Moore may seem like a professional, high-end escort, but there are days that she feels like quitting her job and moving far away. Moore also detailed how she always carries a pocket knife in her purse not because she fears for her life, but to slash the bondage rope she usually uses on her customers. 

In today’s consumerist society, we judge a person’s worth based on what he/she does. And people usually get the wrong end of the stick about sex workers. Like what Moore often says in her after dinner speaking engagements, what we do does not make up what we are. We are who we are. What we do is a minor component of what we are.

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